Promotional Gifts

Promotional Gift Services

Gift your loyal customers with our finest, specialty coffee and teas. A great way to appreciate your customers who have been loyal to your services!

We offer to package, apply your custom graphic on a label and ship the order to your office for distribution to your customers.

Here are your choices in wholesale quantities in the following sizes:


Giri Estates™ High Elevation Coffee

Giri Estates™ Mysore Chicory Coffee

Giri Estates™ Natural Tree Dried Coffee

  • Roasted Packaged Coffee in Bags (Whole bean or Ground)
    • 16 oz. (1 Lb.) / bag
    • 8 oz. /bag


Tea - Packaged Whole Loose Leaf Teas, each of the following are available in 2oz or 4oz bags

  • Craigmore English Breakfast FOP Black Tea
  • Darjeeling FTGFOP Black Tea
  • Masala Leaf Chai Black Tea
  • Japan Sencha Special Green Tea
  • Mashdhana FOP Green Tea
  • African Safari Rooibos Tea
  • Madagascar White Tea
  • Casablanca Earl Grey Black and Green Tea

Must meet minimum quantities for each order.


You may use our standard labels or create your own graphic for the label. We will print labels, package and deliver the order to your office. The labels will be applied to one side of the coffee or tea bags.

Here are examples:

Please send us an email with your request. We will help you walk through the whole process…Email:

The coffee is from our own family farm in the Giri Mountains of South West India. Farming coffee since the late 1800's!

Coffee is roasted and packaged locally in Michigan. Enjoy farm to your cup coffee and tea!

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